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Comprehensive waste management solutions

What if you had one point of contact, for all of your waste management needs?

about NWE

Northwest Environmental is a nationwide trash and recycling consulting firm servicing over 300,000 units, including hundreds of senior care facilities, apartment complexes and Fortune 500 companies. NWE has earned a reputation as an industry-leading waste management company servicing recurring municipal customers, local businesses , and commercial and residential properties. Our consulting expertise stems from our own extensive hauling and recycling operations based in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. At NWE, we don’t just manage your waste portfolio or arrange dumpster rentals. We are constantly looking for ways to save your business money and enhance sustainability. Our services include:


Tracking Savings - Precise savings tracking and implementation.


vendor management - vendor assessment and selection from full database.


billing - bill and payment processing through clear and concise methods.

Why use northwest environmental?

Market-specific pricing knowledge

We started out as a small dumpster rental and hauling company—that’s why we know the true cost of hauling and disposal. Our expertise allows us to negotiate the best pricing for your business.

cost savings

Northwest Environmental provides waste management solutions to areas across the U.S. Our nationwide network of haulers, transfer stations, recycling plants, and other waste management facilities gives your business the most cost-efficient hauling and disposal options.

hands on experience & buying power

We do business with some of the biggest names in the waste industry. Northwest Environmental’s bulk purchasing power plus our hands-on industry knowledge allows us to reach your price point.

Let's talk trash

HQ: Baltimore, MD

7225 Windsor Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21244

Service Questions? [email protected]
Billing Questions? [email protected]


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